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Agrotechnologies of organic agriculture and biologization of agriculture will be discussed on the Conference at Agroindustrial Exhibition “Agrorus” 07.08.2018 14:55

The event will be moderated by Olga Melentyeva Olga, Director of the Federal Center.

This is the first event after the adoption of the Federal Law on Organic Agriculture by the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The adopted law established the legal regulation of organic agriculture. Now only those producers who have been certified in accordance with Russian standards and are included in the State Database will be able to label their products as organic. To produce organic products in compliance with all requirements of the certification body should be completely abandon pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotkov, GMOs, food additives. In organic farming is another production system based on the health of soils, eco systems and people, with an emphasis on the prevention of diseases. Agrotechnologies use natural products and means on a plant basis, which have their own specifics and with which it is necessary to be able to work. The accumulated scientific and practical experience in organic agricultural technologies of major popular plants, in different climatic conditions, will be presented at the event.

As acknowledged by the participants of the real sector, the success of certified organic farms depends on properly selected agricultural technologies and it is not less than 30-50% of the economic efficiency of enterprises. The Federal Center gathered to the event specialists with many years of practical experience in this field. The knowledge gained at the conference will be useful to those agricultural producers who practice methods of organic agriculture, which are faced with the tasks of soil fertility restoration and improvement of production quality. The Federal Center is a center for innovation in agricultural production. To date the Federal Center has cooperation agreements with twenty organic farms in ten different agro-climatic zones that are operating as demonstration farms. The focus of attention is the selection of the plant nutrition system, biological protection, special equipment and agrotechnological methods, selection of resistant to the main diseases varieties of crops. The monitoring and prevention system plays an important role in organic agriculture, how it should be properly organized and what

“The slogan of organic farming in the world is " Health of soil, ecosystems and people." The driver of organic farming is careful attitude to the environment and recreation. Throughout the world, the consequences of a" chemical boomerang "are now being observed, and agriculture must first of all be guided by human needs because 90% of human health problems arise from improper food quality. It's no secret that we live in a time of ecological collapse, there are numerous problems with allergies, especially children suffer from them. In addition, some diseases become much younger, such as diabetes, gastritis. The world can no longer ignore it. We must strive to increase the share of organic products in the daily diet. We want to see a balanced agriculture. We must think about future generations today. Now we saved on the ground, and tomorrow we’ll not get a harvest, because soil fertility has nullified. We need to think globally, but act locally, " says Irina Goncharova, the Commercial Director of “Organic Line”, one of the speakers of the event. A necessary condition for obtaining high yields on organic farms is the formation of a full-fledged plant protection and nutrition system with the help of microbial preparations, affirms Irina Goncharova. "We propose concrete steps, now we have every opportunity to feed people with healthy food. And farmers can get a decent economic benefits by growing organic crops " adds experts.  For a secure future votes also the Company “QUANTUM", which produces a natural remedy for the protection of plants.

Organic agriculture is built on the basis of accepted standards; in our country it is GOST 33980-2016 "PRODUCTION OF ORGANIC PRODUCTION. Rules of production, processing, marking and sale".  Experts will talk about soil improvement means and means of protection that are allowed to be used in organic production and how they actually work in practice; what the inspector of the certifying body will prohibit; how to achieve the presentation of the product and improve its quality characteristics; and what are the prospects for marketing high-margin organic products. The event will be attended by experts in the field of plant breeding and genetics, certification, marketing, biological protection and plant nutrition.

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