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July 8, 2018 a practical seminar on organic farming "Specialist of organic agriculture" 12.07.2018 06:15

On this day, seminar participants from different regions of Russia (the Stavropol krai, the Perm krai, the Tomsk region, the Yaroslavl region, Moscow and the Moscow region) gathered to see visually and discuss the comprehensive aspects of organic farming. The seminar started with a presentation of Executive Director of the Savinskaya Niva, Anatoly Mikhailovich Nakaryakov. The Manager conducted an introduction about Savinskaya Niva fields, talked about the specialization of farm and shared his 25-year experience in the organic farming both in Russia and abroad.


During the seminar, participants assessed innovative tillage machinery and saw a specialized equipment for soil treatment.

Further on the program was held the study of the experience on maintenance and reproduction of cattle. The participants got acquainted with cattle keeping and approach of how to choose breeds of animals for organic production. In the second half of the day, trips took place to the fields where crops are grown without use of pesticides, synthetic mineral fertilizers and GMO seeds.

The list of crops grown in the fields of Savinskaya Niva is diverse (perennial grasses, cereals, legumes, row crops), and yields are not less as on farms that are using intensive technology of agriculture. At present, the area of farm agricultural land is 3,500 hectares, the total number of cattle is 1453 and according to Manager speech, Savinskaya Niva is not going to stop there. It is planned to expand the field area and number of cattle soon, tending to closed production cycle.


The staff of the Federal Center Department of Innovation Technology Transfer in Agribusiness described their research experience embodied on the fields "Savinskaya Niva" and the use of biological agents. As usually, the seminar participants were interested in issues related to the features of certification, the profitability of organic production, the organization of crop rotation and plant protection, and the sale of products. During the discussion, the organizers answered in details to all posed questions.

The seminar participants were satisfied with the organized activities and wished more frequent retreats to various farms.


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